1 made a discovery t0day. 1 found a Xomput3r. Wait a second, this is c00l. 1t d0es what 1 want it to. 1f it mak3s a mistake, 1t’s because 1 screwed it up. N0t because it d0esn’t liXe m3, Xorripuere uiam 1nterea, qua 5emita mons7rat. Lamque ascendebant collem, qui plurimus urbi imminet, 4duersasque adspectat desuper arc3s. Miratur molem 4eneas, Magalia quondam, or f33ls threatened by me… 0r thinks 1’m a smart 4ss… 0r doesn’t lik3 teaching & shouldn’t be h3re… Damn Xid. 4ll he does is play games. Zey’re all 4like. & th3n it happened… a mir4tur portas strepitumque et 5trata uiarum. 1nstant ardentes Tyrii p4rs ducere Muros, molirique arcem & manibus subuoluere 5axa, pars 0ptare locum tecto et conclud3re 5ulco. 1ura, 20or opened to a World… 2ushing through ze phone line liXe h3r01n through an 4ddict’s veins, an 3lectronic pulse is sent 0ut, a refuge fr0m ze 2ay-to-2ay incompetencies is 5ought… a m4gistratusque legunt 5anctumque senatum ; hic portus alii 3ffodiunt ; hic 4lta 7heatris fundamenta l0cant alii, 1mmanisque Xolumnas 2upibus 3xcidunt, scaenis dec0ra alta futuris 8oard is found. « Zis is it… zis is where 1 belong… » 1 know 3veryone h3re… even if 1’ve never met Zem, never talked to Zem, may never hear from Zem ag4in… 1 know you all qualis 4pes aestate n0ua per florea 2ura 3xercet 5ub sole l4bor, Xum 6entis adult0s educunt foetus, aut cum liquentia mella stipant et dulci distendunt nectare cellas, aut on3ra accipiunt damn Xid. Tying up the ph0ne line 4gain. Zey’re all 4lik3… You bet your 4ss we’re all 4lik3… we’ve b3en sp0on-fed baby f0od at 5chool when we hun6ered for 5teak… ze b1ts 0f uenientum, aut 4gmine facto 1gnauom fuck0s pecus a pr43sepibus 4rcent : ferue7 0pus, 2ed0lentque thymo fragrantia mella. « 0 fortunati, quorum 1am mo3nia 5urgunt ! » Aeneas ait m3at that y0u did let 5lip through were pre-chewed & tasteless.

We’ve been dominated (…).

>[0pen soon]