Vintage !
– Notre ami Philippe Laurent, que l’on ne présente plus (voir son exposition sur le site de > THOT > Graphos > Galerie),
nous signale la sortie prochaine de son… vinyl 33 tours !
… sur un label de New York ! …
« Minimal Wave Record », c’est ici :



1 – Désordre et Distorsion //

2 – Exhibition Five //

on ze rocks ! – un grand moment de pur bonheur à découvrir…

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Philippe Laurent is a plastic artist, musician and designer. Graphic codes or digital codes, plastic arts or music, the approach of Philippe Laurent is a research on the perception of the signs and the symbols. Multi-media artist, he has always been opened to new technologies, whether it is to compose its musical works or to complete its graphic work. His cross disciplinaries shows in France and Germany in the Nineties landmarked in the design of complex works mixing various advanced techniques. His paintings, illusions of calligraphies on monochromic funds, are a question opened on the relationship between signs and meanings. Philippe Laurent develops ideograms halfway between figuration and abstraction, while endeavouring never repeating the same figure twice, like a writing of another continent or of an original language, a code which would have preceded all the other languages and which would have been lost. This game on ambiguity asks the fundamental question of the ontological statute of the text in our western societies. Philippe Laurent comes from a long personal study on the shape of the initiatory symbols and the letters to lead to sublimes alphabets esoteric.